What is Metal Folding/Bending, and How Does It Work?

The metal folding process is what essentially gives metal products their shape. A machine is used to bend or fold the metal in order for it to reach the intended form. The benefits of using robust and efficient machines are that they can fold small intricacies and create a variety of shapes for many day-to-day products.

Metal folding uses a press break, also known as a brake press. The primary function of the machine is to bend or fold sheet metal and plate material.

Usually two C-frames form the sides of the press brake, connected to a table at the bottom and on a moveable beam at the top. The bottom tool is mounted on the table with the top tool mounted on the upper beam.

The Amada break press is a multi-axis machine that allows for greater accuracy and control over components that are being pressed.

This machine is ideal for folding intricate thinner materials, but it can easily press full 3 meter length thicker materials.

At Hepworth Fabrications in total we have two Trumpf Truma Bend V130 break presses, and two Amada HFEM2 break presses.

At Hepworth Fabrications we offer a total service in custom-made fabrications in a wide range of metals and forms. We provide fast turnarounds and fast quotes, as we take pride in ensuring that our customers receive the highest level of products as quickly as possible.

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